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Nightingales Lifesaving Services (NLS) was started with the objective of increasing awareness about Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), provide training in CPR, AED and First Aid, and creating a community of trained and confident lifesavers who can save precious lives during emergencies.

The trainees include doctors, nurses, policemen, home guards, rickshaw drivers, industrial workers, professionals, teachers and students.

Throughout history, enlightened thinkers have questioned the purpose of life on earth. While the answers to life’s mysteries may still elude us, one thing is certain - each life has a purpose, and each life is precious! Most of us accept that if a person suffered a cardiac arrest and fell before our eyes, he would be declared dead. But today, we know different. Not only could these victims survive, but with timely action and aid, they could recover completely!

Anil Kumble at the Launch of Nightingales Lifesaving Services

Nightingales Lifesaving Services (NLS) was launched in February 2000 in memory of Shri Harish C. Mahindra, founder chairman of Mahindra Ugine Steel Co. Ltd and Kotak Mahindra finance, Ltd. The objective of this training programme is to build a responsive community of lifesavers trained in Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). This programme is a brainchild of Dr. B.V. Murali Mohan, M.D., MRCP., who has long association with Nightingales. He has teaching and training experience in Basic and Advanced Life Support Systems in the UK. During home visits, it was found that even able and educated people were helpless and panicky to handle emergencies. Realising the need Nightingales Medical Trust launched this program to create a community of trained lifesavers.

Ordinary people like you and me can save lives. With the proper CPR training, you have a good chance of being able to revive a cardiac arrest victim and give him (quite literally) a new lease of life. CPR training helps people to save lives. There is great strength in the knowledge that people could be empowered to fight death; and in the assurance, that through CPR, victims of cardiac arrest could vastly improve their chances of survival and recovery. We can all feel better knowing that in an emergency, a 'lifesaver' could be close at hand to help in those crucial first six minutes when help is needed most.

Lifesaving Training by NLS for Teachers

With time, and consistent effort, significant rewards have been reaped. With encouragement from our trainees and support from our sponsors and donors, we have succeeded in training over 70000 people in and around Bangalore. 

Objectives of the CPR Training Program

  • To promote Bangalore as the city of lifesavers
  • To create awareness of the fact that anybody can be trained in lifesaving skills
  • To empower people to act responsively and confidently in emergencies
  • To bring together CPR-trained lifesavers as an organized group 

What You Can Do...

  • Ensure that you, your family and friends undergo CPR Training
  • Encourage Business Heads and institutions to train all staff, workers and students
  • Come forward to sponsor the training of auto drivers, security guards, students and other personnel
  • Be a volunteer, a trainer or a promoter 

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